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Bike Share

Bike and Scooter Share  

In fall 2018, the City of Tacoma granted right-of-way use permits to two companies, Bird and Lime. These permits were granted with the goal of evaluating use and impacts of a new transportation option for people traveling around Tacoma. 


Lime began by deploying 250 scooters and 100 bikes in Tacoma on Friday, September 21, 2018 for a 60-day initial permit. Lime was granted an extension through January 20, 2019 and allowed to operate up to 500 scooters and 250 bikes in the City of Tacoma. 


Bird began by deploying 250 scooters in Tacoma on October 12, 2018 for an initial 60-day permit. Bird was granted an extension through February 11, 2019 and allowed to operate up to 500 scooters in the City of Tacoma. 


You may see these bikes and scooters in the public right-of-way, on sidewalks, or in other locations. 


You can report issues with specific bikes and scooters that are improperly parked, blocking sidewalks and creating possible accessibility issues on sidewalks or streets to the companies directly at the following numbers.


Bird (black scooters)

  • Bird app: select "help" in the menu 
  • Email: hello@bird.co
  • Call: 1-866-205-2442

Lime (green scooters and bikes)

  • LimeBike app: click "!" to report an issue
  • Email: support@limebike.com
  • Call: 1-888-LIME-345
  • Text: 1-888-546-3345

​General comments for the City of Tacoma about the bike and scooter share permits can be directed to bikeshare@cityoftacoma.org or 311 


Additional resources:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Helmets Required? 

It’s a City of Tacoma law to wear helmets. wsdot.wa.gov/travel/commute-choices/bike/helmets

The City’s helmet requirement applies to both electric assist bicycles, and electric motorized foot scooters.


Where Can Bikes and Scooters Be Operated? 

According to Title 11 (Traffic) of the Tacoma Municipal Code:


Electric motorized foot scooters may be operated on roadways, shoulders, sidewalks, and alleys. They may not be operated in bicycle lanes, pedestrian paths, park trails, or on school fields or playgrounds. 


Electric assist bikes are allowed in bike lanes and other areas where conventional bicycles are allowed, including sidewalks.


Is This An Exclusive Permit?

This is not an exclusive permit and is available to other bike share companies on the same terms. For more information contact bikeshare@cityoftacoma.org.

Contact Bird Customer Service 

black scooters


Email Bird



Bird app: select "help" in the menu 


Contact Lime Customer Service

green scooters and bikes


Email Lime



LimeBike app: click "!" to report an issue