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Climate Risk Assessment

Climate Resiliency

The City of Tacoma’s unique and treasured natural assets as well as our built environment and people are experiencing and are increasingly vulnerable to damage being done to our climate. The purpose of the Climate Resilience Studies are to help prepare the City of Tacoma to be more resilient by enhancing our capacity to prevent, respond and adapt to threats posed by climate change.


2016 Executive Summary of Climate Resilience Study


2016 Climate Resilience Study Full Report


The City is participating in the 2016-2018 Coastal Resilience Project Grant.


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Changes in Sea Level and Surface Water


Graphic from the report detailing the vulnerability of the Tacoma Port and surrounding neighborhood to projected sea level rise:


Risk Assessment Port



Stream Flow


Another disruption from climate change is projected changes in streamflow, which will influence flooding, freshwater supplies, and aquatic species such as salmon populations. 



Streamflow Projections