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Art Lessons

The EnviroChallenger program is pleased to bring back Art EnvrioChallenger lessons! In an Art EnviroChallenger lesson, students will learn about choices we can make to protect our environment while creating a personal piece of art. Lesson topics and media vary by project and age recommendations are listed. Every project touches on both science and art standards.

For all art lessons, it is recommended to have students seated in groups due to material limitations, and to have a space cleared for storing projects between lessons. Some projects may require access to a sink.


Cardboard Creatures

Cardboard Creatures (three, one-hour lessons)

In this lesson students will learn about the differences between trash and recycling, the dangers of too much trash, and ways to reduce and reuse the trash we are making. While learning about trash, students will create fantastical creatures through a combination of printmaking and collage.

Recommended Grades: K-2



Waste WatercolorWaste Watercolor (three, one-hour lessons)

In Waste Watercolor, students will learn about the interesting and involved processes related to the sewer system in Tacoma while also developing watercolor techniques. At the end of the lesson, students will have a personal watercolor painting. Access to water/sink is necessary for this lesson.

Recommended Grades: 2-8



All Downhill from HereAll Downhill From Here (three, one-hour lessons)

The quality for our watershed doesn’t have to go downhill. In this lesson, students will learn what a watershed is and the things that we can to do to protect ours. Students will collaborate and problem solve within a small group to create a watershed model. The finished model will be quite a tall painting!

Recommended Grades: 4-8